Dirty, moldy wooden steps in need of restoration

Do your outdoor wood surfaces look like this?

Beautifully restained and refinished cedar steps after restoration

We can restore them to this!

Our Deck Restoration Process Will Transform Your Deck,
Extend its Life and Save You Thousands of Dollars Over a Full Replacement.

Our process begins with the most important step – preparation of the wood. This includes a thorough cleaning and brightening of the surface to prepare it for stain. If your deck has a pre-existing stain on it, we may be able to efficiently remove it, depending on the condition and type of the existing finish.

Next, we apply a penetrating-type oil based stain. This stain is very different from most other products you’ll find on the shelves. Because it’s made from non-drying oils that are absorbed into the wood, it will never peel or chip. It provides great U.V. protection, water repellency, and mold/mildew resistance, all of which contribute to a significantly longer lasting, and much better looking deck.

When wear occurs, maintenance is as simple as a thorough washing of the surface, followed by a re-application of stain. This should be done every 1-2 years for best protection depending on the amount of weather and foot traffic the area is subject to. No scraping or sanding is required, meaning that it’s easy and affordable to keep your deck looking great for years to come! We even offer an annual maintenance service to keep your deck looking its best year after year.

​​We can restore your cedar, pressure treated, mahogany and hardwood decks, cedar shingle siding, other natural wood siding, docks, and more!

brightening the surface of a dirty deck

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